the greatest thing you'll ever learn, is just to love and be loved in return.

Battle wounds

Between the rocking climbing, stab wound from some angry thorn, attempting to pull myself out of the water after trying to commandeer a Greek sail boat – this is what has become of my body.

On the upside I realized i understand Italian molto bene. They may as well call Mykonos the Italian island. It is very nice to have a conversation & half understand what the bellisimo boy is saying to you.

Everyone here vacationing is Italian (no compliants) Steph found herself the actual definition of perfection – he also happens to be staying at our hostel. Hostels are like matchmatching from the gods.

* oh yea Josip – I found the Italiano version of you last night, Roberto. Speaks English perfecto & translated for me all night. Ciao!


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