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We need to get this girl a white dress.

New Year Traditions in Brazil are various and each has their own meaning. The New Year, known as Ano Nove in Portuguese is known more popularly as Revillion. People from all over the world come to Brazil to celebrate the New Year in style. The beaches are the most popular places to enjoy New Year festivities.

Party halls, pubs, discos city squares are filled with revelers. The best New Year’s celebrations in Brazil can be enjoyed in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Copacabana beach, the world famous beach is filled with people celebrating the New Year. A tradition of this festive time is the Brazilian Carnival. People dress in flashy clothes singing and dancing to traditional styles of music like the samba, frevo, and forro.

Brazilians consume rice and lentils as a tradition on New Year’s Day. This is believed to bring good fortune and prosperity in the New Year.

The De Iemanj – Festival is an important part of the New Year in Brazil. People wear white clothes. They offer gifts and flowers to the Goddess of the Water, the Iemanj – according to the Brazilian Umbanda religion. She is said to bring good fortune. The view of the floating candles on water is a splendid sight on New Year’s. This festival is celebrated by fishermen with sincerity and devotion. It is believed that what they catch reflects the whole year’s catch.

Dinner is an integral part of the celebrations here. You can taste rice, chicken, farofa which is tapioca grains with spices, and marajuc, mousse which is of fruit.


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