the greatest thing you'll ever learn, is just to love and be loved in return.

What day is it?

After recuperating from our 5am Samba session, we had a lazy start to the day. The weather refuses to provide the sunshine needed for a decent tan (notice the color difference), however this has been the most relaxing fulfilling vacation I’ve ever had. A mix between great friends, stunning sites, music that takes me to another place and a genuine mental state of peace.

We had to exchange our tickets to see the Corcovado for another time b/c the clouds made it impossible to see anything. However Adriano took us to a piece of paradise instead. The Carvalho boys our like our own historical tour guides/ samba instructors – perfect combination.

Anyways below is the house that belonged to a type of medicine doctor. And the path through to house leads to a piece of the rain forest. It’s magical*

On our way home I decided to make some traditional Italiano treats for everyone. Proscuitto & figs and crumbled blue cheese with honey & crackers <– big hit. We listened to Argentinian tango music while Adriano instructed Laure ( our French couch surfer) on how to make homemade caipaninhas, in Spanish mind you. Where am I again?

Our night then took us to a "Couch Surfing" meet & greet. All those unfamiliar google it. People from all over the world drinking at Copacabana beach wearing nametags – "Brittany USA"… so very interesting.


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