the greatest thing you'll ever learn, is just to love and be loved in return.


In one year





Con amor.

Muito obrigada Rio! * beijos * – tchau tchau.

¡Feliz cumpleaños!

Minha mãe é tão muy LINDA! Obrigada Momma for teaching me how to dance and love. I wouldn’t be here without you *

Feliz New Year*

Meet the best people in Rio – more details to come 😉 a group of college kids at the NYE party, all spoke englise & welcomed me with open arms *

Central park in Rio

About to go see the Christo, finally… The weather has been less then ideal for mountain viewing.

Yesterday was another mini rainforest, a central park view & sushi date in Botafogo. Yes I had to try Brazilian sushi. Yum.

What day is it?

After recuperating from our 5am Samba session, we had a lazy start to the day. The weather refuses to provide the sunshine needed for a decent tan (notice the color difference), however this has been the most relaxing fulfilling vacation I’ve ever had. A mix between great friends, stunning sites, music that takes me to another place and a genuine mental state of peace.

We had to exchange our tickets to see the Corcovado for another time b/c the clouds made it impossible to see anything. However Adriano took us to a piece of paradise instead. The Carvalho boys our like our own historical tour guides/ samba instructors – perfect combination.

Anyways below is the house that belonged to a type of medicine doctor. And the path through to house leads to a piece of the rain forest. It’s magical*

On our way home I decided to make some traditional Italiano treats for everyone. Proscuitto & figs and crumbled blue cheese with honey & crackers <– big hit. We listened to Argentinian tango music while Adriano instructed Laure ( our French couch surfer) on how to make homemade caipaninhas, in Spanish mind you. Where am I again?

Our night then took us to a "Couch Surfing" meet & greet. All those unfamiliar google it. People from all over the world drinking at Copacabana beach wearing nametags – "Brittany USA"… so very interesting.

Everybody Samba!

Aka my sweaty heaven on earth. The music was unreal, the
dancing out of a movie & here I am right in the middle of
it. I decided the 10 hour flight once a month would be worth coming
back. For a ‘gringo’ I was told I was very good. Then around 3am
the band stopped & the DJ decided to play old school
Michael Jackson. Adriano said he never heard them play him there
before, I guess they knew NYC was in the house. Ahh and to start
the night, homemade caipirinhas. Best one I’ve had yet. Another new
obsession thanks to my Portuguese tourguide Paula! Did I mention I
went to the top of the Sugar Loaf / Pao de Acucar?