the greatest thing you'll ever learn, is just to love and be loved in return.


In one year





Greek withdrawal..

Talk about ending on a high note

So as Im sitting here in Heathrow airport, drowning my post vacation sorrows in an entire box of Toblerone’s – out of no where comes a glimmer of hope.

They overbooked our flight & needed 3 people to wait an additional hour to fly Virgin airlines & (wait get this) offer us a $400 Continental flight credit for our “inconvenience”. Really?? Because you just conveniently started my savings for my next trip.

Hey Steph! Brasilia or Italia? This is not real life, it’s our life ~*

p.s. That last photo is what happens after 4 days of Mykonos, Italian lifestyle & motion juice – thank you villa visillas 🙂

Last day in Europe

While we wait to board from Athens to London, let’s take a look back at some high lights of this remarkable trip.

1 & 2) Paradise beach (Mykonossss)

3) our daily desserts from the most incredible bakery next to our perfect Villa

4) a dinner & night no one will ever forget. Grazie mi italiano’s.

5 & 6) a day in Santorini that took all of breath away – a little piece of heaven on earth

7) new friends were made, love & lust shared & we leave sad but forever grateful of the time spent together *

Lets try this again

My internet is being funny. These pics are from yesterday as Steph & I consumed as much Greek culture aka desserts as we could in one day.

After hiking through Oia, survived the hills & donkeys- we sat overlooking the canyon while the sunset in santorini. Well we attempted to watch the sunset, the kalaifi & pistachio ice cream was a little distracting.


We survived the donkey turds, thousands of steps & winding roads …*

Santorini, Perissa beach

Our hostel is literally 30 seconds from the beach, pool, quiet, surrounded by mountains, incredible. Sean planned this right, after 4 ridiculous days in Mykonos, this quiet beauty is much needed & appreciated.