the greatest thing you'll ever learn, is just to love and be loved in return.



Business trip #2 for the year. Jeff & I are off to Salt Lake City, Utah for a Digital Marketing conference. Should be interesting, at least it’s a few days out of the office.

Even though it’s not an international adventure, I’ll take a small get away any day.

2.5 hours left on flight – mentally planning my next excursion, finally narrowed it down to either Thailand or Italia ❤


life as i know it, as of now.

So I have literally not had time to pick up my VISA. That’s on deck for tomorrow. However I’ve added a few pages to this blog, one for each country I’ve had the opportunity to visit. Right now are the highlights, I will eventually upload the stories I wrote while there…. the anticipation for Brazil has reached an all time high. Still have to pack & figure out exactly how I’m getting to the airport – minor issues at this point.

2010 has been an adventure:

  • new job
  • London
  • 1st apartment by my lonesome
  • new perspective
  • Montreal
  • new friends, amazing new friends
  • Greece
  • starting doing things for me
  • and now Brazil….


It’s that time so Tink had to put on her costume 🙂

p.s. for those who don’t look past their own nose… scroll down a little & check out our Tinkerbellaa.

counting down…

3 weeks and counting…

rooms are being booked as we speak….

anticipation is building…

and soon enough these photos will be coming from yours truly*


4 weeks….

I have had a list of places in the world I want to go to for years now. To be able to check off the #1 place is … priceless.


Counting down the days…6 weeks.


iPhone post

This is really fun ; ) so now I can post as I go. I have a European adventure (my first) coming up…

I can not wait.